• About us

    Welcome to FISHFUN TEC, your trusted partner in the world of premium fishing lures. Situated in the vibrant city of DongGuan, GuangDong, China, our cutting-edge factory caters to retailers, wholesalers, brand manufacturers, and international distributors alike. With three specialized workshops focusing on Metal Lures, Softbaits, and Hardbaits, FISHFUN TEC stands as a beacon of excellence in the fishing tackle industry.


    Our Expertise:

    Since our inception in 2014, FISHFUN TEC has been dedicated to the art and science of crafting top-tier fishing lures. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has positioned us as a preferred choice for those seeking reliable and effective fishing gear.


    Tailored Workshops:


    Metal Lure Workshop: Immerse yourself in the precision of our Metal Lure workshop, where skilled artisans merge traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to create durable, lifelike metal lures.


    Softbait Workshop: Explore innovation in action at our Softbait workshop, where advanced materials and design principles converge to produce softbaits that mimic the movements of natural prey, enticing even the most discerning fish.


    Hardbait Workshop: At FISHFUN TEC, our Hardbait workshop is dedicated to engineering robust and realistic hardbaits that excel in fooling fish into striking. Whether for bass, trout, or walleye, our hardbaits deliver unparalleled performance.


    Global Presence:

    While rooted in DongGuan City, FISHFUN TEC has established a global footprint, fostering partnerships with retailers, wholesalers, brand manufacturers, and distributors worldwide. Our main customer base hails from Europe and the United States, where our lures have gained acclaim for their effectiveness and durability.



    Our mission at FISHFUN TEC is to empower retailers, wholesalers, brand manufacturers, and distributors with exceptional fishing lures that meet the diverse needs of their customers. We aspire to be the go-to source for high-quality fishing tackle, providing solutions that elevate the angling experience for enthusiasts across the globe.


    Join Forces with FISHFUN TEC:

    Whether you operate a retail store, manage wholesale distribution, represent a brand, or facilitate international channels, FISHFUN TEC invites you to join forces with us. Discover a range of meticulously crafted fishing lures tailored to diverse markets, and elevate your offerings to new heights.


    At FISHFUN TEC, we don't just manufacture fishing lures; we build lasting partnerships, one cast at a time.




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